Air and ground telecommunications

Air and ground telecommunications are the most important part of the complex of equipment that ensures the operation of air transport and ground systems. Today, aviation uses many types of communication technology, but the most important among them are the following devices:

The most popular in Europe and Ukraine today are digital ground-air-ground radio communication systems MULTIFONO® M600S and MULTIFONO® M600. This equipment allows maintaining voice telephone communication between airfield dispatchers and aircraft crews, as well as between dispatchers, pilots and subscribers of adjacent dispatch centers.

The standard used by the MULTIFONO®M600-S type is based on the experience of the S.I.T.T.I. systems first used in 1946. Since then, the equipment has changed completely, but the principle of electrical communication has remained the same. This algorithm meets all the requirements of modern electrical communications and is widely used all over the world.

The MULTIFONO® M600-S system supports the following important functions:

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