ATC systems

The technical equipment of air traffic control centers is an important aspect of functionality and safety in modern aviation. Today, consumers are offered a wide range of solutions for equipping airfields of any type and workload. The selection of ATC systems, their installation, configuration and integration is a responsible task in which specialists of different profiles are involved. How reliable and efficient the new air traffic control system will be depends on their work.

Air traffic control systems (ATCS) are automated aerodrome ground services used for efficient air traffic control. Their main task is to conduct aircraft through their own zone of responsibility, excluding dangerous approach of aircraft to each other horizontally and vertically.

A secondary task of ATC systems is to provide aircrews with up-to-date information necessary for a safe flight. This includes weather conditions, navigation parameters, and other information. These ATMS are used not only by civil aviation, but also by private aircraft, as well as by military aircraft.

ATC systems can provide both precise instructions that are mandatory for the crew, and information of a recommendatory and simply informational nature. Considering all this, it is quite obvious that the creation, customization and integration of such systems is a responsible task that requires a high level of professionalism from the performers. There are no trifles in this work, since the slightest mistake can have irreparable consequences.

Masters Capital Management is a team of high-level professionals with many years of experience in the aviation industry. We offer project management and integration services for partial or complete modernization of ATC systems of any type and architecture. The Masters Capital Management team has dozens of completed projects in its luggage, which have shown their effectiveness and are successfully working at the airfields of our country.

Our specialists perform the assigned tasks promptly and efficiently, while a guarantee is provided for all types of work. We not only develop, supply and install ATMS, but also perform routine maintenance and repair of equipment.