Computer programming and services

Computer programming and services

Modern control and monitoring systems for the control of aircraft and ground control and navigation equipment are very complex and their flawless operation is the key to the safety of thousands of people in the air and on the ground. The performance of this equipment depends not only on the hardware and the professionals who operate it, but also on the software.

Even the most advanced and powerful computer will not work efficiently without the appropriate software that meets all the requirements for functionality, reliability and efficiency. This is especially true in such a responsible area of human activity as the organization of air transportation. Computer programming is an integral part of preparing ground and air systems for work and must be performed by specialists of the highest class.

When working on software for critical systems, it is necessary to ensure a minimum probability of failure of 10 ^ -9. At the same time, it is important that the costs of developing and fixing the code are minimal, and the deadlines are tight. Another difficulty is ensuring the interaction of new programs with existing ones, because the slightest conflict between services will nullify the entire result of the programmers' work and jeopardize the performance of the entire system.

Creation of programs and specialized services is one of the main activities of the Masters Capital Management. We carry out a full range of work related to the programming of computer systems and special equipment, quickly and with an official guarantee. Our qualified specialists are ready to perform the following types of work:

• Programming of on-board units;

• Creation of software for ground equipment: control rooms, means of reading and decoding flight data;

• Programming of aviation simulators;

Avionics software development is carried out in strict accordance with the RTCA \ DO-178B standard. All Masters Capital Management programmers are employees with specialized education, have a high level of training and have passed certification.

Masters Capital Management regular customers are large air carriers, for which the company has been performing computer programming for several years. Our work receives only positive feedback and therefore we are entrusted with the most complex and responsible orders. Choosing us, you give preference to real professionals who always do their job thoroughly and on time.

We also do not limit ourselves to the development of software for avionics and do other major projects in banking, finance, microcredit and other areas.