Radar equipment is an integral part of modern aviation, without which its full-fledged safe operation is impossible. These are systems for detecting and determining coordinates, as well as recognizing the properties of various objects. Modern radars differ in the range of waves used, in the type of sounding signal, in the number of channels used in operation, in the location of the radar station (radar). But the basis for the classification of this equipment is its purpose.

The following main types of radar equipment are used in civil aviation:

Masters Capital Management is a team of professionals with many years of experience, ready to perform any work related to the installation, configuration and integration into existing radar equipment systems. We work with all types of radars used in the civil aviation of our country and the EU.

The radar tuning, which can be ordered in the Masters Capital Management at a reasonable price, will be performed by qualified specialists with specialized education who have all the permits for radar equipment. We work promptly, with quality and with an obligatory official guarantee.

In addition to the installation and integration of radar equipment, Masters Capital Management provides services for radar maintenance, repair of any complexity and commissioning. Our clients are large and small airfields located in all regions of Ukraine.